Saturday, 30 March 2013

New improved method?

Having read other peoples blogs, I have found people that have made money online from offerring their servces to clients. One boy from london age 17 offered a service of teaching people to play the guitar, he taught them over skype (free software to video call people) he charged £10 an hour per lession and built up a repution. From this he now is on a 6 figgure salary, use the means you face and the knowllege you have. Teach people somthing your good at, it might even be HTML codding or how to build somthing.

Sell knowllege, it's an amazing thing to have and share. Think about how many other people want to learn somthing new? Even if it's for a day or two. So why not use this?

Rember that to make a sucsess it's about the marketting. Use the means you have around you. Google how to market yourself and this will help you atrract more clients.

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