Saturday, 30 March 2013

top tips

Are you feed up with reading articals online and not getting anywhere? feed up with trying every method possible to make a few bob, I know I was. I read every article from blogging to writting ebooks and publishing apps. I tried them all and found that only a select handfull work, so I have made a list for you to read of ideas how to make money with-out paying the price of your time or money.
The top way I made money for the last 4-5 years is ebooks on amazon, this is a great way to make money. The reasons why it is such a great way to make cash is becouse there is a lot of buyers that use amazon i.e people who have kindles. Amazon is by far the leader of selling ebooks for publishers. It's easy to get started and you recieve 75% commision from each book sold. Alll you need is a pdf file of your book and your away, it's very simple and easy to do!! I started writting and publishing ebooks when I was 15 at school and since have made over £5,000 doing it part time. The problem with selling ebooks on amazing is that the market is becomming stagnatted, you have to know how to market your ebooks. This is easy to do, just type into google/youtube "how to increase sales on amazon" read a couple of articles and your away. It's all about the tags and keywords and reviews.
The other way I made money was from making t-shirt designs and selling them. I often baught cheap t-shirts in bulk from fruit of the loom for about £5 for 100 t-shirts. Then I would go into a local store and ask them to print my home-made designs normal would charge me £5 a t-shirt. Then I would make a website by buying a domain name and using a free software called prestashop that builds the website for you. I would then add my site to google and sell my good on ebay and often get sales though! Please be-aware that a lot of people have started to do this method and as-such the market is stagnated.
A few of my freinds made money from making apps on faceook. I know it may sound hard building an app on facebook but it is really easy these days if you know basic html! My freind where making around £5,000 a month just from an app that showed reviews of local resturunt. To build an app you build a website and link it into facebook itself by coppying and pasting the link. it is realy that simple to build an app on facebook guys!

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