Sunday, 31 March 2013

12 Things to try to to Before Applying for Google Adsense.

Privacy Policy :One of the common mistakes that each Blogger makes which I created repeatedly before finally obtaining approved. even supposing there ar folks out there World Health Organization say that having a Privacy Policy for a diary doesn’t is sensible however they're wrong.A Privacy truly describes to your readers concerning what they're going to get on your diary , what they must do and what they must not. thus clearly there's nothing dangerous in having a Privacy Policy. whereas it will have an effect on somehow on your Adsense Approval, you need to provides it a attempt. you'll be able to write it yourself or notice Privacy Policy Generators on-line (You don’t would like a attorney anyway).2. About PageAn concerning has major role and importance if you don’t need to use for Adsense. however once it involves Adsense, they're concerning Zero probabilities of obtaining approved if you're not showing this page.About page merely describes concerning you and your diary . this may not solely assist you establish a relationship with readers however it'll conjointly create them trust upon you.3. Contact North American nation PageIt’s quite obvious that everybody has his/her own opinion. What one among your readers likes is also bothering somebody else. Than it's higher to administer them chance to talk up to you and tell however they feel concerning your diary, what they require to be altered , what they likable or despised.It will conjointly show the Google Adsense Team that's viewing your web site that you simply truly care concerning your readers and not solely the cash and Adsense.4. Name/ Email VerificationMake sure to place you Name and Email address in some simply visible space like concerning Pine Tree State and make contact with North American nation pages. it'll notify Google Adsense Team that it's a similar one who applied for Adsense and not some spam, bad bots.5. Age VerificationI’m extremely riant out writing this. Why?Because this can be wherever I encountered a retardant. rather than eighteen, I accidentally printed my age as seventeen whereas on Adsense form, it had been accurately eighteen.Hence there started a retardant . as a result of Google Adsense isn't for beneath eighteen folks. i spotted this drawback once being disproved a number of times with none legitimate reason. thus I recommendation you to be correct whereas writing your age.6. Minimum range of PostsThere is no actual answer. Not even one. as a result of I even have seen terribly established Blogs with 400+ posts and their owner telling Pine Tree State that Google Adsense is rejecting them whereas somewhere ,people with forty,50 posts ar enjoying creating cash. precisely what I aforementioned that there's no actual answer. However, we will continuously predict things. in keeping with my expertise , you must solely apply once you've got over seventy posts. Posts length ought to should be 500+ words too.Read : distinction Between Short Length Post Vs Length Posts – What’s Best?7. DesignYour diary is that the biggest issue once Content. This represents your experience ,experience and expertise. thus watch out as a result of something will kill your probabilities.8. Content kindBe careful with what form of content you're business. as a result of it's one thing that actually matters. Google Adsense isn't for sexy, misappropriated things, medicine or different Blogs / Sites like that. conjointly Adsense team won’t be willing to permit you to step in if you own a Non English diary. Having posts shorter than three hundred words long is additionally Red Signal.9. Providing worthDon’t complain concerning not creating cash and don’t clearly state that your ar Blogging for cash solely and don't have any different interest in it. as a result of this may show them that you simply won't be providing values to your readers any day. thence another Red light-weight glows up.10. high Level DomainThose ar gone secluded once Adsense wont to approve “Blogspot” and “” Blogs. As for nowadays, you need to have your own distinctive domain that specifies your diary. If you don’t have one however, stop dreaming concerning obtaining approved with Sub domains and go purchase a high Level Domain.Another vital issue concerning domain is it’s age. as a result of for many of Asian Countries, Adsense has placed AN age restriction. They don’t settle for any sites before they're vi months recent.11. different Ad NetworksIf you've got the other Ads placed like Chitika, Clicksor or something, it’s time to drop them off.Even Google Adsense permits you to use different Ad Networks along side them, it’s higher to get rid of the ads before Applying and don’t place them back till you get a reply from Adsense Team.12. Paid Traffic Google hates the web sites that {are obtaining|are becoming|have gotten} Paid traffic and principally penalizes them thus there's not a damn probability of obtaining Adsense Approval letter for a site that's getting paid traffic. you'll be able to bring traffic from Search Engines or the other means you wish however if you wish to earn via Google Adsense the correct means, paid traffic isn't an answer.What to try to to if adsense isn't obtaining approved?If google adsense still not approving your website/blog. you'll be able to use these websites to earn cash while not adsense.•Chitika•Bidvertise•Text Link Ads•ReviewMeFinal Words concerning Apply for Adsense!This will take your few time and you've got to try to to this stuff Before Applying for Google Adsense. i suppose these aren't too exhausting. Don’t be unhappy if google adsense not approve your blog! There ar several different ways that to create cash on-line while not adsense.Read more:

Saturday, 30 March 2013

New improved method?

Having read other peoples blogs, I have found people that have made money online from offerring their servces to clients. One boy from london age 17 offered a service of teaching people to play the guitar, he taught them over skype (free software to video call people) he charged £10 an hour per lession and built up a repution. From this he now is on a 6 figgure salary, use the means you face and the knowllege you have. Teach people somthing your good at, it might even be HTML codding or how to build somthing.

Sell knowllege, it's an amazing thing to have and share. Think about how many other people want to learn somthing new? Even if it's for a day or two. So why not use this?

Rember that to make a sucsess it's about the marketting. Use the means you have around you. Google how to market yourself and this will help you atrract more clients.

Facebook goldmine?

Ever wondered how to make a furtone overnight? Affrade to say it's not possible on the web...not in just one night!

I amd lucky to have hit into the facebook market recently and sell afiilate style (selling other people goods for a commision). All you need is lots of freinds, i.e facebook famouse and a list of goods to sell. I would recemend amazon or tesco afiilates. Post a link with the goods saying stuff like "this look's swag" or "this look so cute". You will be amazed at how many people will click on the link, after one day of doing this I made £100 from selling goods, and I only had 900 freinds and followers. So imgone if you had more freinds and follwers how much more you could be making?


This is how must people make their money, it's from marketting their products by the social means like twitter and facebook. Btw twitter works just the same with the right amount of follwers!

Selling website designs?

If you want to make money online quick and easy I know that some people sell blog designs on market places. This is a great way to make some extra cash if you know how to write html codding, as blogs are expanding and more people are blogging for cash they will want their site to stand out and most don't have the skills to do so. Sales of web design blogs in the last 3 years have risen over 600% and they look to keep rising. So why not get into that market now?

It's easy and quick to do so, all you need do is google "sell my designs" and there are normally a list of 5-6 places to sell them on the first page of google alone. You also keep 50% profits and don't have to worry about the marketting so just sit back and watch the money roll in! It is really that simple!!

Youtube for cash?

If you want to make money fast I would recemened youtube partnership. I have freinds who make around £500 a month from videos on youtube. These days there are so many diffrent ways to make cash, the easiest in my opion being youtube! All you need is a camra and start shotting! I have seen videos of some 5 year old saying hell0 and reaching over 10,0000 hits. That means one big market to reach! The other good thing about youtube and making money with it, is that you can even be advitisng your own products. I know a company "socalglamourgirls" and they had marketting videos on youtube and they where getting paid for selling their products and for veiws to watch their videos. What a way of bossting your income in a simple way?

top tips

Are you feed up with reading articals online and not getting anywhere? feed up with trying every method possible to make a few bob, I know I was. I read every article from blogging to writting ebooks and publishing apps. I tried them all and found that only a select handfull work, so I have made a list for you to read of ideas how to make money with-out paying the price of your time or money.
The top way I made money for the last 4-5 years is ebooks on amazon, this is a great way to make money. The reasons why it is such a great way to make cash is becouse there is a lot of buyers that use amazon i.e people who have kindles. Amazon is by far the leader of selling ebooks for publishers. It's easy to get started and you recieve 75% commision from each book sold. Alll you need is a pdf file of your book and your away, it's very simple and easy to do!! I started writting and publishing ebooks when I was 15 at school and since have made over £5,000 doing it part time. The problem with selling ebooks on amazing is that the market is becomming stagnatted, you have to know how to market your ebooks. This is easy to do, just type into google/youtube "how to increase sales on amazon" read a couple of articles and your away. It's all about the tags and keywords and reviews.
The other way I made money was from making t-shirt designs and selling them. I often baught cheap t-shirts in bulk from fruit of the loom for about £5 for 100 t-shirts. Then I would go into a local store and ask them to print my home-made designs normal would charge me £5 a t-shirt. Then I would make a website by buying a domain name and using a free software called prestashop that builds the website for you. I would then add my site to google and sell my good on ebay and often get sales though! Please be-aware that a lot of people have started to do this method and as-such the market is stagnated.
A few of my freinds made money from making apps on faceook. I know it may sound hard building an app on facebook but it is really easy these days if you know basic html! My freind where making around £5,000 a month just from an app that showed reviews of local resturunt. To build an app you build a website and link it into facebook itself by coppying and pasting the link. it is realy that simple to build an app on facebook guys!