Saturday, 30 March 2013

Facebook goldmine?

Ever wondered how to make a furtone overnight? Affrade to say it's not possible on the web...not in just one night!

I amd lucky to have hit into the facebook market recently and sell afiilate style (selling other people goods for a commision). All you need is lots of freinds, i.e facebook famouse and a list of goods to sell. I would recemend amazon or tesco afiilates. Post a link with the goods saying stuff like "this look's swag" or "this look so cute". You will be amazed at how many people will click on the link, after one day of doing this I made £100 from selling goods, and I only had 900 freinds and followers. So imgone if you had more freinds and follwers how much more you could be making?


This is how must people make their money, it's from marketting their products by the social means like twitter and facebook. Btw twitter works just the same with the right amount of follwers!

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